Neuro Cognitive Program

The Quantum Neuro Cognitive Program

Quantum’s Neuro Cognitive Rehabilitation program offers state of the art personalized programming for individuals suffering from an acute or chronic neurological condition. Quantum is committed to providing a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with experts in helping patients maximize their potential for an active and productive lifestyle!

Quantum’s Goals:

  • Restore physical and cognitive skills needed to perform daily activities
  • Regain mobility by building strength and balance
  • Improve speech and swallowing
  • Management of tone & spasticity to promote functional use of affected extremities
  • Successful cognitive retraining and compensatory strategies for community integration

Our Team Approach:

  • Individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy up to 7 days per week
  • Physiatry & Neuropsychology
  • Balance, vestibular training and visual training
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Individual and group counseling, focused on insight building and acceptance


Download our Neuro Cognitive Program brochure (PDF)